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The main keywords that always pop up in our scope of services are "Opportunity" and "Strategy" where when both are combined the magical elixir for a successful business is born. By targeting the right opportunity at the right time and place, we engage in implementing the adequate strategy to cast a definitive ambit and a precise trajectory.

The challenges facing any supplier or industry today calls for a drastic  transformation and innovation in order to provide a positive catalyst in the shaping of the industry. To simplify the complex challenges facing the industry and in order to satisfy the customer, a closer focus on demand is required and a more flexible approach to re-customize production.

Karl Williams can offer different levels of service to penetrate the MENA market from marketing analysis to execution with a multi-layered approach and service level agreements:

  • Level1: Market feasibility analysis
  • Level2: Level1 plus marketing plan
  • Level3: Level2 plus supervising local distributor(s)
  • Level4: Full turnkey where KW takes over the whole MENA operations
    (zero Capex on Vendor)


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