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A Word of Welcome

Welcome to Karl Williams, your premier source for information and assistance on the corporate level and an all time intermediary for bringing together the supplying and demanding entities and converging the opportunity at the right time in the right place.

Karl Williams specializes in guiding the world's most innovative companies to achieve success in the emerging Middle East and North Africa markets. With our vast experience, creativity and a strategic outlook, we have accumulated a strong track record of success

As research solely may not be a solitary efficient tool, our vast group of professionals with decades of expertise intervenes to process, filter, analyze and compare the results to deliver a full fledged business transaction package. 

By being involved throughout the entire process starting from market assessment negotiation to execution of we can meet the client's goals and provide a very strong return on investment.

Recent Testimonials

"... first we didn't know from where to start, our demand was a bit out of the ordinary, but the KW's were so patient listening ... they got the solution on our first meeting... "- A.Karim

"... a new market penetration has been our nightmare for years, especially in unpaved territories ... but those guys know what they are doing!" - M. Henley

"An aggressive market requires business mercenaries with hearts of stone, we were backed up with those of steal in our crusade to establish a foothold in the African market. "- Adam Mence

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